Fortunate Discoveries hosts fine artisans, designers & specialty retailers in the heart of Chicago’s vibrant Lincoln Park neighborhood.

Sarita Kamat Designs Sarita Kamat Designs
Nancy Segal Designs Nancy Segal Designs
Renata Mikota Renata Mikota
Flora Calabrese Flora Calabrese
Rebecca Moy Rebecca Moy
Andrew Burwell Andrew Burwell
Michelle Sallemi Michelle Sallemi
Beata Lange Beata Lange
Gail Moreland Gail Moreland
Helen Dannelly Helen Dannelly
Alyse Ziede Alyse Ziede
Michael Paskar Michael Paskar
Gwyndolyn Siebert Gwyndolyn Siebert
Brandon Hayes Brandon Hayes
Michell Gordon Michell Gordon
Jen McNulty Jen McNulty
HAUTE Handed HAUTE Handed
Suzette Gilchrist Collections Suzette Gilchrist Collections
Marie Miklaszewski Marie Miklaszewski
Diane Bronstein Diane Bronstein
Wendy Stillman Jewelry Wendy Stillman Jewelry
S.G. DeCarlo S.G. DeCarlo
Burchell Bags Burchell Bags
Smashing Jewels Smashing Jewels
Van’s Vintage Van’s Vintage
Pike River Studio Pike River Studio
Michelle Marrocco Michelle Marrocco
Hiroshi Ariyama – Our City Our Neighborhood Hiroshi Ariyama – Our City Our Neighborhood
Jackie Lakely Jackie Lakely
Karen Sako / Sako Studios Karen Sako / Sako Studios
Ann Blaas Ann Blaas
Gene Tenner Gene Tenner
Eclectica by Vika Eclectica by Vika
Indie-Pendant Indie-Pendant
Gaby Silva Bavio Gaby Silva Bavio
Sarah Suzanne Noble Sarah Suzanne Noble
David Kogan David Kogan
Nicolet Candle Company Nicolet Candle Company
Jean Damen Jean Damen
Jill Kramer Jill Kramer
Shelley Brucar Shelley Brucar
Camille Margaret Designs Camille Margaret Designs
Steve Larson Steve Larson
James O’Neill James O’Neill
Erika Iris Erika Iris
JSSculptures JSSculptures
Michael McPherson Michael McPherson
Tori Love Jewelry Tori Love Jewelry
Beverly Fisher Beverly Fisher
Larry W. Green Larry W. Green
Melissa Lloyd Melissa Lloyd
Heather Kadlec Shack Heather Kadlec Shack
Musick Musick
William Lawrence Edwards William Lawrence Edwards
Wayne Allan Dawson Wayne Allan Dawson
Zuxin Yu Zuxin Yu
Zuzko Zuzko
Joye of Art Joye of Art
Jerry Strub Jerry Strub
Peyton Rack Peyton Rack
Adam Thomas Adam Thomas
William Oistad William Oistad
Rachel Joyce Art Rachel Joyce Art
Shelley Timm-Thompson Shelley Timm-Thompson
Anna Gnoenskava Anna Gnoenskava
Vaiju Saraf Vaiju Saraf
J. Siegan Fine Art J. Siegan Fine Art
Join Us! Join Us!
Cuff Joy Cuff Joy
Art Co.86 Art Co.86
Sharon Fellingham Sharon Fellingham
John Seubert John Seubert

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