Creations we sell: Fine Art Photographs; Metal, Concrete and Wood Sculptures for Interior and Garden; Steampunk Art

We are creators of fine art photography and 3-Dimensional art for the home and garden, using repurposed metals, wood, hand-formed concrete, and other media.

Much of the art created at Pike River Studio is collaboration between my incredible wife, Pam and me. I have been photographing nature for 40 years, but since we married in 2011, Pam and I have started an artistic alliance that has truly enriched our lives, and has made us inseparable. The best part is we have no idea where it is taking us! Today we are making giant mosquitoes, with hand-blown red glass abdomens, also peace signs, from six inches to 7 feet in diameter, and metal garden gates which open to a world of metal flowers, colorful wooden dragonflies atop rusty metal cattails and other garden delights. Tomorrow? Who knows?

We built our home, which is our photography and art studio, on nine wooded acres along a small lake and marsh, in the northeast corner of Wisconsin. We are blessed to share this special place with 72 (and still counting) species of birds and animals. Our lives are all about nature and wildlife, whether we are simply observing it, capturing it’s beauty with the camera, or making 3-dimensionall art pieces, inspired by all this flora and fauna that surrounds us.

Our studio is named for the nearby Pike River, one of only a few designated Wild Rivers left in Wisconsin. The Pike, along with the Peshtigo and Pemene Rivers, flow through granite country, resulting in over a dozen area waterfalls. The streams that feed these rivers are spotted with numerous beaver ponds, and it is along these waterways that I do most of my landscape and wildlife photography.

If you plan to visit northeast Wisconsin, make an appointment to stop by our studio. You can see a wide variety of our creations and we will direct you to the best nature experiences Marinette County has to offer.

We welcome custom orders. What do you have in mind?

More photography and art from Pike River Studios can found here.

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