About the Artist

Jean Damen was born in 1980 in Clarksdale, Mississippi and grew up on the South Side of Chicago. She is self taught and fortunate to inherit art gifts from her mother who is an artist and poet.  Jean Damen received a BSA in Visual Communications from Westwood College in 2011. She currently lives and works as a Graphic Designer in Chicago.

Artist’s Statement

My paintings help me explore daily life through getting messy with beautiful colors. I’m inspired by everything and especially my children.  I like capturing the way they see the world because they look at it with a simplicity we lack as adults.

My paintings are sort of folk, mostly florals and abstract works.  My mediums of choice are watercolor, acrylic and charcoals. I’m very fascinated with people and things; how they change from day to day because of the current circumstance. Because of this my subjects often change.  I paint in hopes of creating art which inspires the same curiosity in its viewers.

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