I collect 19th century botanical prints, celestial maps and iconic holy cards. I love to create art using these antique images. Through their interplay, I strive to evoke the timeless presence of the Great Mother archetype, symbolized by the divine feminine in her many cultural forms. All the beautiful icons that I use in my artwork have rich and deep ancient history. For me, these art pieces are spiritual portals to remind us of our sacredness and that of our planet. I explore relationships between; science & spirituality, women & nature and the feminine & healing.

I work in the medium of encaustics, which is an ancient art form that dates back to the Egyptians. It is the process of painting with wax, resin, and pigment. For my collages I do not use pigment. I use the technique of combining damar resin beeswax with paper which gives the pieces a translucent quality, where the prints seem to illuminate from within. I use encaustic archival boards and each piece is hand-framed in beautiful patina copper.

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