The way we see our surroundings changes through out the day. Mount Lemon in Tucson, Arizona actually appears purple in the evening. My new modern landscapes reflect the magic that light has on our planet. I want people who view my art to feel like they are standing in front of a mountain at dusk or sitting on the edge of a lake first thing in the morning. Using a wax medium with my oils, I paint nature with my pallet knife. The paint becomes thick and creamy almost like frosting. Building up the paintings on the wooden panels takes time requiring each layer of oil and wax to dry before the next can be applied. Depending on how thick the painting becomes, it can result in weeks to complete.

Nature has always inspired my work. Whether I am painting abstractly or representatively, you will always find something reflected from the outdoors. In my new series, I have added a layer of music and/or history to the visual presentation. In some work, you can actually hear the song in your head that the images, mostly birds, are painted on, while in others you grasp a bit of what life was like in the early 1900s. On a personal note, the antique sheet music I am painting on was owned by my late grandmother whose handwriting can be found in many of the new pieces. This work is a beautiful tribute to her and the wonderful relationship we had.

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