I want my work to exhibit a sense of widened possibilities and connection through invention and childlike exuberance.

Our lives are increasingly filled with pursuits that are leaving us feeling disconnected and isolated. We live evermore in an administered society; one that is constrictive of our nature and our spirit. I want the work to portray a contrast to the restricted avenues of capitalistic exchange.

I like to play with space, enmeshed in a mixed language of painting and drawing; language that for the most part is abstract but contains elements of calligraphy, landscapes, building references and animal-like indications. I am concerned with creating a sense of motion never quite obtaining equilibrium. I like to push the illogical through interesting spatial relationships, using biomorphic form that embraces intuition.

Technology and architectural devices are hinted at in the work, but are soon contorted and sent into oblivion or a carefully balanced chaos.

Although I am currently working on Mylar, my work is unbound by medium and technique; the work alternates from the hand-made to the digitally fabricated. I like to be able to collaborate on work with other artists, as well, pursuing my own projects seamlessly.

Ultimately I am exploring a kind of primordial innate knowing beyond the noise of electronic clamor.

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