collage handThis body of work focuses on the female nude in classical poses.  I follow the
contours of the body, using the frame of the emulsion to enclose the figure,
thus cutting into the limbs and creating new shapes.  I isolate parts of the
body and present them to the viewer with a new vision.  I focus on creating an
image in which the subject matter is reduced to its essentials, but carries
great richness in its meaning.

I work with liquid emulsion to enhance a painterly quality.  Photography and the
use of liquid emulsion have become my form of artistic expression.  Several
times when showing my work, people have questioned if the piece is in fact a
painting or a photograph.  By combining these two mediums, I have accomplished
the art of “painting a photograph”.

Each piece is unique onto itself, in that it is a one of kind, never
to be duplicated!

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