The business of Fortunate Discoveries…

The right brain. The left brain. The art world vs. the business world.  This learning curve can be a hard, steep climb for most artists. Focusing on the business end of things often keeps an artist out of their studio, or at times can be so overwhelming the love and the passion that fuels the artist dissipates as they become so overwhelmed.

Enter Fortunate Discoveries. We provide a retail outlet for artisans and designers.  By renting a space with us we take care of the business details: Location, overhead, credit card processing, packaging, and a full-time staff to sell your artwork. It is our sincere goal to learn the stories behind you and your art. We will be your representatives, leaving you with free time to do what you do best….make art.

The location of Fortunate Discoveries…

Fortunate Discoveries is located at 1022 W. Armitage. a block west of the Armitage brown line train. This collection of micro galleries provides a venue for artists and designers to sell their handmade, one-of-a-kind merchandise in the vibrant shopping district of Lincoln Park. This thriving neighborhood is invigorated by the youth provided by being mere feet from the De Paul college campus while enjoying the stability & affluence of a neighborhood long established and cared for.

What we provide at Fortunate Discoveries…

Space – All spaces are open to an aisle for high visibility and easy customer access. In addition to the open spaces, there is gallery wall space available for fine artists and photographers. Each micro-gallery space will include track lighting, walls, bamboo flooring, and a power outlet.  Spaces can be customized at the vendor’s expense.

Social Media

Our social media team are working very hard to generate interest on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and via our newsletter. They work enthusiastically on every ones behalf.  It is critical that you follow through with them, as the power of social media cannot be underestimated.

Fortunate Discoveries also hosts special events, trunks shows, holiday shopping events, etc… this keeps the gallery fresh with new ideas and inspiration, also provides stimulation to keep our consumer traffic at a peak level. Fortunate Discoveries is a member of the Lincoln Park Merchants Association, an organization which is active in creating promotional events that directly effects FD. Such as the annul sidewalk sale, Halloween walk, Christmas event, and fashion shows. As a vendor, you can pitch a special event that you would like FD to host for consideration at any time.

Every artisan and designer renting space at Fortunate Discoveries is represented on our website with photos and a brief artist statement.  Our website then links directly to your website, so that our costumers can always have direct access to you.

Our monthly newsletter reaches out to our extensive costumer base announcing special events, featured artists, and monthly deals that vendors are featuring.

Fully Maintained Space – providing a clean, esthetically pleasing environment for your customers to enjoy your art.

Utilities Included – Fortunate Discoveries pays all utilities.

Our expectations from our designers/artists

    • Be an active participant on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and stay in contact with Joy and Tania, our social media team.
    • List FD on your website, when we send out our newsletter, forward it on to yours.
    • Attend our events!! Come up with your own event ideas, and make it fun.
    • When participating in art fairs, pass out our postcards.
    • Keep your space looking fresh! We have established a loyal repeat customer base, and they are excited to come in on a regular basis and see what is new.
    • While tenants are highly encouraged to attend special events, they are not required to be in attendance during the Gallery’s hours of operation. Fortunate Discoveries is staffed by the gallery owner, Cindy Flaherty-Hutchinson, a manager, and sales associates familiar with each vendor’s merchandise.

How it works…

Each tenant is assigned a unique code that they attach to their items. This is a 3 letter code called a TAG ID that is assigned to each vendor upon move-in. This code must appear on ALL INVENTORY ITEMS along with the item price. When an item is sold, the sales associate inputs the code, and the sale is credited to the tenant. Customers can pay in cash, or by any major credit card.

After month-end accounting has been completed, Fortunate Discoveries will distribute a report to each tenant showing all sales that occurred that month, please be sure to keep the reports for your records. Vendors receive a check for their total sales, minus 15% commission and credit card transaction fees, plus sales tax collected.  Each tenant is responsible for filing and paying their own sales tax back to the state.

How to apply to become a part of Fortunate Discoveries…

Admittance to Fortunate Discoveries is juried and ongoing. This ensures that a balance and variety of unique art and design-related product is provided. To apply, please download the an Application. Upon acceptance, a signed LEASE AGREEMENT with a one-month security deposit secures the space. If all spaces are currently rented, we will happily place you on our waiting list.

Renting space at Fortunate Discoveries…

Wall spaces are specially designed to feature 2-dimensional fine art and photography. Rent starts at $175 per month for a wall space. Retail booth spaces average between $215-$425. Fortunate Discoveries, Inc. also receives a 16% commission on sales.

The lease…

This Lease is a six-month Lease. Notice of renewal or cancellation is to be given in writing on the first day of the fourth month of the lease by the Tenant or Landlord. Renters should sign up for this space with the intent that this is a long-term commitment. Our goal is for the artist to have a permanent retail location where customers know they can always find their artwork.

Click here to download our lease Agreement

Click here to download a vendor application

Click here to download our vendor information sheet for our social media team

For any further inquiries, please email us at

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