Full disclosure: I have a fine arts degree in ceramics from the Kansas City Art Institute. So creating things with my hands has been something I have loved doing for decades. Some years ago however I was lured into the world of gems and stones and rocks and all beautiful things that come out of the ground. Impossibly captivated, I started putting them together and making things with them I wanted to wear. I realized I was creating the pieces I wanted but was never able to find in shops and boutiques. They are subtle and sophisticated with a slightly ancient feel about them. I am amazed by the natural beauty in so many stones and gems.  There are thousands of shockingly vibrant and colorful minerals that come out of the ground. I am in awe every time I see the materials I use to make my one of a kind pieces. Every time I sit down to work, it’s as though I’ve never seen these stones before, and I am blown away! I love to make something out of these treasures from Mother Nature that I can wear. Great design and amazing material makes a perfect piece of jewelry.

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