Chicago Artist Ed Laginess received his degree from the University of Detroit/Mercy. He has studied with various renowned artists. He has studied at Oxbow Arts Program in Saugatuck Michigan, the art Institute of Chicago and the Lillistreet Art Programs; He is passionate about painting in oils.  His landscape paintings have garnered many recognitions and awards. Being outdoors in the woods or lakeshore, whether in his extensive perennial garden, in the mountains or by the sea, provides him endless opportunities for further creation. His ability to capture movement emotion, atmosphere and a sense of place is one of his strengths.  His floral in oils, acrylics and watercolors have a sense of beauty, graces and folly.  Ed is a member of the Chicago Association of Visual Artists and currently serves as President of the Beverly Art Center.  

“My greatest satisfaction in being an artist comes from successfully capturing the grace and emotions of my subject. I love taking people to a different place even if it is for a fleeting moment. There is nothing more rewarding than when someone understands what I felt as I painted, and understand what attracted me to the subject. “ 

                                                                       Ed Laginess

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