Fortunate Discoveries hosts fine artisans, designers & specialty retailers in the heart of Chicago’s vibrant Lincoln Park neighborhood.

JSSculptures JSSculptures
Irena Siwek Irena Siwek
Maureen Claffy Maureen Claffy
Actual Film Votive Actual Film Votive
LMN Jewelry Designs LMN Jewelry Designs
Nicholas McGill Nicholas McGill
The Artists of Liquid Silver The Artists of Liquid Silver
Smashing Jewels Smashing Jewels
Michael Wesley White Michael Wesley White
Studio Vanitatum Studio Vanitatum
Join Us! Join Us!
Alamwar Alamwar
Joan Hooper d’Arcambal Joan Hooper d’Arcambal
Tanya Facchini Tanya Facchini
Jason Patrick Miller Jason Patrick Miller
Shift Shift
Mai Atassi Husseimi Mai Atassi Husseimi
Melissa Lloyd Melissa Lloyd
Amethyst Art Amethyst Art
Valerie Lorimer Valerie Lorimer
Alexandra Páez-Quijano Alexandra Páez-Quijano
House of Swanke House of Swanke
Sole Musick Sole Musick
Hand Woven Moroccan Pillows Hand Woven Moroccan Pillows
Michell Gordon Michell Gordon
Pritz Photography Pritz Photography
Gail Moreland Gail Moreland
Nancy Segal Designs Nancy Segal Designs
Olmox Olmox
Joe Mills Joe Mills
Staci Sterenberg Staci Sterenberg
Ann Everett Ann Everett
Dorothy Bury Shaw Dorothy Bury Shaw
Donna J West Donna J West
The Chair Affair The Chair Affair
Tsetso Designs Tsetso Designs
Tania Rodamilans Tania Rodamilans
monika wulfers monika wulfers
Reformado Photography Reformado Photography
Epiphany Chicago Handbags Epiphany Chicago Handbags
Linda M. Bohlke Linda M. Bohlke
Valdimir Kharitonsky Valdimir Kharitonsky
Richard Spinner Richard Spinner
Demilune Demilune
Sekana Radović Sekana Radović
Mistura Mistura
Beverly Fisher Beverly Fisher