Fortunate Discoveries hosts fine artisans, designers & specialty retailers in the heart of Chicago’s vibrant Lincoln Park neighborhood.

Nancy Segal Designs Nancy Segal Designs
John Seubert John Seubert
Christine Makarewicz Christine Makarewicz
Heather Shore Heather Shore
Beverly Fisher Beverly Fisher
JSSculptures JSSculptures
Cindy Heineman Cindy Heineman
delevo designs delevo designs
The Chair Affair The Chair Affair
Joye of Art Joye of Art
Nicholas McGill Nicholas McGill
Linda M. Bohlke Linda M. Bohlke
Smashing Jewels Smashing Jewels
Suzette Gilchrist Collections Suzette Gilchrist Collections
Indie-Pendant Indie-Pendant
Gaby Silva Bavio Gaby Silva Bavio
Just for You… Ann Cohen Just for You… Ann Cohen
Robert Porazinski Robert Porazinski
Roberta Malkin Roberta Malkin
Michell Gordon Michell Gordon
Steve Slaske Steve Slaske
Heather Kadlec Heather Kadlec
Imperfect Grace Jewelry Imperfect Grace Jewelry
Hiroshi Ariyama – Our City Our Neighborhood Hiroshi Ariyama – Our City Our Neighborhood
Ron Styne Ron Styne
Actual Film Votive Actual Film Votive
Eclectica by Vika Eclectica by Vika
Larry W. Green Larry W. Green
Gwyndolyn Siebert Gwyndolyn Siebert
Michael Wesley White Michael Wesley White
Jackie Lakely Jackie Lakely
Karen Schiff Ceramics Karen Schiff Ceramics
Corkie Neuhaus Corkie Neuhaus
Caren Helene Rudman Caren Helene Rudman
Melissa Lloyd Melissa Lloyd
Musick Musick
Brandon Hayes Brandon Hayes
Michelle Sallemi Michelle Sallemi
Kathy Blankley Roman Kathy Blankley Roman
The Pig Shark. The Art and Design of Matthew Coglianese The Pig Shark. The Art and Design of Matthew Coglianese
David Kogan David Kogan
Richard Shipps Richard Shipps
Join Us! Join Us!
Elena Pappas Elena Pappas
Renata Mikota Renata Mikota
Jen McNulty Jen McNulty
Michael Paskar Michael Paskar
Tania Jarvinen: A Luxury Lifestyle Brand Tania Jarvinen: A Luxury Lifestyle Brand
Zuzko Zuzko
Janet L Hamilton Janet L Hamilton
Gail Moreland Gail Moreland
Stephen Baldauf Stephen Baldauf
Erika Iris Erika Iris
Lisa Kendall Designs Lisa Kendall Designs
Flora Calabrese Flora Calabrese
Steve Larson Steve Larson
Pike River Studio Pike River Studio
Nicolet Candle Company Nicolet Candle Company
Lisa Harris Lisa Harris
Gina Uhlmann Gina Uhlmann
Jill Kramer Jill Kramer
Wendy Stillman Jewelry Wendy Stillman Jewelry