Growing up on the beaches of Southern California, I developed a love of texture from the sand and calmness from the ocean. I love making art with my hands and incorporating the natural and organic elements around me into each piece I design. When I was eight years old, I would beg my mom to drive me to Laguna Beach to the infamous "Bead" Shop. I would sit there for hours making earrings and necklaces, my mom called it my happy place. I went on to study fine arts in college where I began painting and sculpting. I continued to always make my own jewelry and of course gifts for my friends and family, who always were asking for a new creation. I traveled a ton in my twenties, living in France, Austria and Italy for long periods of time. These years abroad have greatly influenced my art and my jewelry designs. I began carving and dripping wax about 15 years ago and fell in love with the process of "lost wax." This process allows me to achieve the organic texture I love in hand made jewelry and the ability to incorporate the natural elements around me. My wax carvings are cast into solid Sterling Silver and I add 14kt Gold Filled and 24kt Gold Vermeil to accent the sterling. I am inspired by so many things in my life and I bring all these elements into my designs when I am working on each piece.

**Special orders are welcome.

All designs are one of a kind pieces that are individually made and therefore, no two works are exactly the same.

It is always extra special to have jewelry that is uniquely yours.

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