Visual Artist

Born on March 19th, 1980 in Barranquilla- Colombia, She discovered her fascination for colors and forms since childhood by drawing and painting, which was developed in a self-taught way and becoming her way of life since then. In 2002, she graduated from college, earning her degree in advertising and graphic designing in her native country. Having this career as support, Katherine starts studying at the fine arts academy simultaneously.  “An artist has the ability to perceive and express this world with a variety of colors, forms, and dimensions, instead of a plain view”.  This unique and extraordinary way of view is expressed in each of her creations.  “The real satisfaction to me as an artist will come at the moment when the observer is reached by an emotion, then, and only then, a connection between observer and creation is possible. This is what makes a true artist, If there is no emotion /connection and there is no message to give, any serious artistic sense will be null”.  During her college years, she experimented with different techniques besides canvas, such as fabric, wood, walls, or practically any possible surface where she could paint on.

She focused on traditional themes of her homeland like “everyday life”, people or situations that inspire her. She created several art pieces for various local businesses. Then, soon, Katherine Del Real began working for some fashion designers, interior designers and fine art galleries of her natal city.  In 2006, she travels to the United States, residing in Chicago, where she gets a job as Creative Director for 8 years.

As an artistic painter and graphic design specialist, Katherine Del Real is known for her passion, creativity and strong expressions on her creations. With an inclination for drawing and different canvas techniques, she captures real faces telling a fascinating story in each of her portraits. “Throughout my search of my own style that allows me to express my inner emotions and feelings, I went from painting very simple landscapes and nature scenarios to a more complex human anatomy, like facial expressions, bodies, and animal anatomies as well, I found that it constitutes the strength and depth of the message I need to express”.

Currently, Katherine Del Real resides in Chicago, and continues her artistic passion, developing as a muralist and working in various artistic projects in combination with graphic designing as well.

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